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The first calculation uses a date field with a value of 6/14/2016 and a number field with a value of 30, while the second one uses a date literal and a number literal.

You might want to calculate the length of time between two dates.

You may want to add time to or subtract time from a date field or an SQL-supported date literal to produce an updated date field.

For example, you can calculate a future inspection or review date by adding time to a date.

Any combination of date fields and date literals can be used to calculate the length of time between two dates.

Any combination of fields and literals is supported, as shown in the third and fourth calculations.Examples Truncates number at the specified decimal_place.A positive decimal_place truncates to the decimal position specified.The number result (in days) can be a whole number and can also include a fraction—for example, 1.5 would represent one-and-a-half days, or 36 hours.In the electric meter inspection example mentioned above, any of the following calculations can be used to calculate the length of time between an installation date of 6/1/2015 and an inspection date of 10/1/2015.

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