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If you are trying to get a woman to marry you, you really want to keep her happy and illusioned.All that made me and Ylle think that if he is already now so distant and uncaring, what will he be like after they get married and everyday routine kicks in?Marriage proposal is something that any woman visiting Morocco will experience sooner or later.My funniest proposal was in Fes when a guy suggested i marry him and when i turned to leave, he yelled after me on the street that he will be a good husband, will cook and clean :).Aiko spoke some English and when she found out that I am married, she seemed to decide that I am exactly the right person to talk about her love life with.

It’s a game and it’s fun, and the grand prize is the easy life! It gives few handy pointers to women who truly believe that they have found a true love from an Arabic country, but who have still maintained enough presence of mind to think realistically and doubt even a tiny bit in His motivations.

Any white woman will do, her outlook is not a factor.

If you’re not familiar with the tactics and maybe also just a bit naive, it is very easy to be swept off your feet by powerful words and seemingly sincere feelings that those dark eyed passionate men claim to feel already after few mint teas together.

Frankly, the guy seemed like a complete douchebag and I really couldn’t believe she was even considering starting a life with him.

But it wasn’t my place to comment on that, so I kept my mouth shut.

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