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Chilean cinema refers to all films produced in Chile or made by Chileans.It had its origins at the start of the 20th century with the first Chilean film screening in 1902 and the first Chilean feature film appearing in 1910.Film production boomed in Chile in the silent era, with 78 films released between 19.The first full-length film, Manuel Rodríguez, was released in 1910.In the same year in Santiago, two new movie venues opened which both featured Edison's Vitascope, less popular than the Cinématographe.In June that year, the Bioscop was also launched as another alternative to the cinematographe, although it eventually failed.“Tren al sur”, “Estrechez de corazón”, “Corazones rojos” son los singles del disco y quedaron en la memoria de todos los chilenos.Una camisa blanca ensangrentada por una herida sería la carátula del disco el cual sería el primero sin la participación de Claudio Narea, el guitarrista de la agrupación, esto luego de que se viera obligado a salirse del grupo por desencuentros entre él y Jorge González.

Un disco que venía a cambiar los sonidos de este grupo que protestaba con sus letras todo lo que vivía el país en ese tiempo.

(General Practice of the Fire Department), filmed on 20 May the same year, was only three minutes long and showed the annual public show performed by the Valparaíso Fire Department in the city's Aníbal Pinto square.

Nothing is known of the film's director, cinematographer or production team, and only 27 seconds of footage remain today, held by the Catholic University of Valparaíso.

By the end of the year, all these new places would be closed.

In 1900, the Apollo Theatre in Santiago exhibited the film "Carreras en Viña", (Racing in Viña) and some other foreign films.

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