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Woerde approached Terre des Hommes - an international human rights charity focused on the rights of children - to collaborate on an initiative that would help tackle the problem by mobilising politicians and police world-wide.

Sweetie is a creative idea that developed out of months of research and the realisation that the crime comprises a basic economic system with supply and demand.

Having identified potential for the 'sting', it was then important to establish whether using a 3D animated character to provoke a crime online is legal - in most countries it is.

The next step was to produce a 3D child so realistic adults would not question her authenticity.

Today, webcam sex tourism is a globally recognised problem and millions of online predators are now aware they can no longer abuse children online with impunity.

Furthermore, law enforcement agencies have a mandate and solution for tackling it which they did not have before.

"But these would only be temporary and effect a small number of predators." A turning point came with the realisation that once contact is made online, predators often share information that makes them relatively easy to identify.

"We realised we would have to go further than simply chat online with a false name, however," he adds.

Elsewhere, legislative changes were implemented in a number of countries making it easier to protect victims and prosecute the perpetrators.Creative development of the ten year-old character, a girl from the Philippines called Sweetie, took close to a year.Developed with master artists and animators at Motek Entertainment and Brekel 3D, she was brought to life using motion capture to create numerous clips, building a library of movements and expressions.Although based in Amsterdam, each was re-routed to have a Filipino IP address.All data gathered against predators, meanwhile, was stored on another computer that was not and never had been connected to the web.

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An important consideration was allowing her to move fluently on webcam - something achieved through detailed research of how people interact when using this technology.

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