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Yet the risk of overselling the benefits of a chatbot, or even doing harm to someone who's not getting help they desperately need, remains a major concern.Darcy hopes that Woebot helps unleash more collaboration between tech and mental health experts to develop better interventions for people who struggle with experiences like depression and anxiety.Basically, using therapy-lite chatbots is a massive experiment in mental health. It debuted publicly this week as a subscription service with a monthly fee.X2AI, which is not widely available yet, uses artificial intelligence to provide mental health support.

That people are thinking beyond the traditional confines of a pricey office visit isn't surprising; the need for quality mental health help is urgent.Like with any chatbot, you might buy into an illusion of anonymity that doesn't really exist.Even though, for example, Woebot employees can't view a user's Facebook profile, and X2AI is compliant with federal health record privacy laws, those measures don't change the fact that people are sharing personal information with a company — or that data stored online is never truly safe from a breach or theft.When you launch Woebot in Facebook Messenger, the chatbot's cerulean blue eyes peer out from the screen. Honestly, he adds, humans aren't great at remembering things: "I have a perfect memory so each week I'll give you insight on how your mood changes." Woebot, one of the first chatbots of its kind, is powered by artificial intelligence not to tackle your deepest problems, but to improve your mood, and even alleviate symptoms of depression. Within a few messages he explains his purpose: "So here's how I work, I'm going to ask you about your mood and as I get to know you, I'll teach you some good stuff." If that sounds like a weird conversation to have with a robot, he wants you to know the first step toward "being a life ninja" is paying attention to your moods.

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