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I am not saying someone cannot be Aboriginal if they are white in appearance after all this is certainly part of the product of the stolen generation.

I am contending that someone that is not disadvantaged due to their heritage should not get these excessive payments and support.

The issue is claiming benefits when they are not disadvantaged. She's got blonde hair, blue eyes and skin that burns after half an hour, yet because one of her grandfathers is ¼ aboriginal and she qualifies for Abstudy and a bunch of various scholarships. (however many) generations prior (or however you'd say it) and apparently that is/was the cut off?

I'm pretty sure they even pay for her textbooks too. I don't know, but I remember her telling me about it..saying she Yeah I am not against the support to Aboriginals that NEED it, in my opinion that absolutely should be here as the statistics show that there are many Aboriginals in rural areas that are drastically behind.

The thing that doesn't go well is the fact that despite clearly taking advantage and abusing the system that was meant to help the true needy Indigenous community have a head start in life this person or couple often openly boost to anyone listening about how their kid's education are paid for and all the monetary advantage they are getting.

Its a case of legally taking advantage of the system despite being an exact opposite of what these assistance are meant for.

I am sure you don't associate your closeness with your relatives and ancestors just based on how similar you 'look'.

I fully believe someone should be able to identify as Aboriginal no matter how small the amount in their family history. No free ride, for me uni has been two years of depression and struggle. The eldest of the two is red haired, blue eyed, fair skinned. The eldest of the two is red haired, blue eyed, fair skinned.An acquaintance of mine looks completely caucasian yet has a very small amount of aboriginal heritage in his family history, (one aboriginal relative dating very far back in his family generations ago). I however view this as a complete abuse of the system, he is for one a qualified engineer and really has had absolutely no disadvantage to his life due to his aboriginal heritage. EDIT: To clarify, this discussion is not about someone identifying as Aboriginal.Yet he receives a completely free masters degree due to being of Aboriginal descent and a payment of around 0 per fortnight to support his study, not even including rent assistance. To make things worse he has a very extroverted and joking personality and he will say things such as "thanks white people! I see this as taking money from those that really do need it, as there are surely Aboriginals that are truly disadvantaged out there where resources and family issues are terrible. I fully believe someone should be able to identify as Aboriginal no matter how small the amount in their family history.I remember in high school we did something for NAIDOC week and she was bitching about how 'stupid' it all was, but she doesn't seem to think it's 'stupid' when she's claiming nearly k a month to do her masters and doesn't have to work while studying for it like most people dp.People like her are the ones I do have a problem with.

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However in the case of the person I am speaking about, I do know her well and she really doesn't identify with her aboriginal heritage at all.

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