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That morning, I was thinking on who to bother to come with me to celebrate my birthday but the fact that no one texted me, except my parents who were miles and miles away, told me that nobody’s probably available so I wallowed in the loneliness. She starred in Q10 in 2010 with Takeru (cute drama by the way) and I guess they had a thing for each other but can’t really date so a promise to wait was made. I went to the mall, went to Burger King and ate alone on the table. (chisms only) Two years later, she graduated and he’s Himura Kenshin, Japan’s boyfriend and our husband (no chisms) . In Mid October Tomohisa Yamashita was spotted quietly boarding the final train on the Shinkasen subway line from Shinagawa Station, he was attending a Kinki Kids concert in Osaka earlier in the day. The two starred together in the 2015 hit Fuji Television drama series “5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan”. It’s rumored that the two originally started causing attention after Yamapi attended a party held at Satomi’s place back in May.

Sato Takeru takes his acting career to the next stage by starring in his first theatrical play.What to eat melon brother Nobel watching the reaction of the crowd really interesting.cp powder has been moved to cry / (at o on /~~ according to the enigmatic insider said," in the late 5 finished 9 "after the actors are often the first dinner.With a fresh eastern flavor injected into a familiar story from the west, this is Romeo & Juliet as you've never seen before! I was too busy ignoring this and I’ve been maintaining another blog. In the ocean of romance dramas, Tonbi went for family and by God! It was so simple yet so compelling and the lessons after one episode will haunt you and make you take a second look at your own life and family. Besides Takeru and Maeda being so cute here, the supporting cast is adorable too. ) Some people didn’t like the ending but I think it was just right. After two years and despite dating rumors with a certain leading lady, it’s probably the best time to confess and fulfill the promise. His heart’s not yours anymore so just let the tears fall. And no matter how drunk he is, not to mention cute stature and un Kenshin like strength, Takeru carried her to the taxi and went with her till she safely got home. Another AKB48 member and rumored to date Takeru sometime between 2008 to 2010. His love interest in Fuyo No Sakura (love this drama).

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