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Die Regel wurde Mitte 2007 in den USA abgeschafft, weil sie als unzeitgemäss und überflüssig galt.Ihr Nutzen, nämlich die Entschleunigung von Kursstürzen, ist zwar umstritten, doch die Geschehnisse zeigen, dass sie ihre Berechtigung hatte.Caruso, a lawyer at Maddox, Hargett & Caruso and president of Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association. - Die Ursache für den Kurssturz an der Wall Street ist noch unklar.Um einen «Mistrade» dürfte es sich wohl nicht gehandelt haben.Die Programme basieren meist auf quantitativen Modellen.Hedge-Funds oder die Eigenhandelsabteilungen grosser Banken setzen derlei Systeme ein, bei denen Informationen in Sekundenbruchteilen verarbeitet und in Handelsaufträge umgesetzt werden.By the time the firm conducted the search that led to the production of the e-mail, the firm had already deleted millions of other messages from its servers and the regulatory matter at issue had been settled, NASD said.A person briefed on Morgan Stanleys position said that the firms failure to produce and retain e-mail in the period covered by the NASD case was not intentional, but reflected a miscommunication between information technology employees and the firms legal department.

Dabei generieren Computer aufgrund von Handlungsvorschriften (Algorithmen) die Transaktionen.

Rather than ask that Morgan Stanley pay a fine to settle the case, NASD has asked that it be required to provide relief to arbitration claimants whose cases might have been helped by the e-mail that was missing or not produced.

Our principle objective here is to help the aggrieved parties, the individuals, Mr. That could include asking for payments to be made to claimants, he said, or for a process to be established where aggrieved investors could bring their cases to a neutral party.

11 e-mail messages that were restored to its system from backup tapes shortly after the attack, NASD said.

Many other of the firms e-mail messages were maintained on individual users computers and therefore were not affected by the attacks, regulators said.

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