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And yet, nobody during that trial (openly) admitted that they knew what Lawrence was writing about in this passage…) In this way, the sex takes precedence – at least in my mind – over the love that develops between them.

I think, though, that what distinguishes the novel from being considered pornography is the beauty that so frequently seeps out of Lawrence’s work.

And yet I remained perplexed because nothing occurred in the way that I was used to between the two main characters.

They began with (fairly incredible) sex – and the love between them merely constitutes whatever is left over.

Though his opinions earned him enemies, persecution, and censorship during his lifetime, he is now recognized as an artistic visionary.

The book achieved infamy for its story of a physical relationship between a working-class man and an upper-class woman, its graphic descriptions of sex, and its use of words considered shocking at the time.

His works confront the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialization and are notable for their passionate intensity and for a sensuality that centers on the erotic.would be an excellent novel to accompany me en route for the Czech Republic. I would probably (now) ask the same, given that an exposed nipple features prominently on the front cover of my edition – and several graphic sex scenes appear within.Was it the most logical choice of novel when packed between strangers on two twelve-hour flights (and one fourteen-hour stopover)? When I arrived in Prague (novel suitably dog-eared after two days of just the two of us) my wonderful ex-flatmate gave me a Christmas present of Josef Skvorecky’s to spur on my project: her accompanying words were “I still think you’re mad…but you may as well be mad with a great Czech writer.” Well, I don’t normally like giving my books away, but she is one of my favourite people in the world and a book for a book is always a fair trade.The film is an adaptation of the novel John Thomas and Lady Jane, an earlier version of Lady Chatterley's Lover, by D. Constance tries to be a good wife, but he is distant and her life is empty. In an English country house, Sir Clifford Chatterley lives with his wife Constance.

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She had to be a passive, consenting thing, like a slave, a physical slave…She would have thought a woman would have died of shame.

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