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That design focus, along with infinite lives and instant respawns, makes Beyond Gotham a perfect candidate for parent-child co-op — LEGO-ized but still somewhat violent subject matter notwithstanding.

Unfortunately, while LEGO titles often strike an excellent balance in catering to both sides of that dynamic, here the action feels a bit streamlined, with less specifically designed to interest experienced players.

LEGO Batman 3 begins when various members of the Lantern Corps suddenly — and presumably rather inconveniently — find themselves floating through space, brought together by an unknown force and under attack from all sides.

It doesn’t take long for the brains behind the operation to become clear: supervillain Brainiac is up to no good, and his galaxy- and series-spanning schemes take us from deep space to Gotham, where we meet up with Batman and Robin in the middle of an operation of their own.

There’s also a bit of control clunkiness, mostly as a result of short and long button presses serving different functions.

The distinction feels finicky at times, and when it means the difference between changing costumes and changing characters in the heat of battle, it can be frustrating.

Far and away the biggest draw in LEGO Batman 3, however, is the huge — and hugely likeable — cast of characters.

Though Batman takes top billing, Beyond Gotham takes its subtitle seriously and branches out starting very early on.

These puzzles mostly consist of interacting with switches, levers, and consoles in each level, along with building useful contraptions out of ‘hopping LEGO bricks’ that emerge as you break apart various pieces of the environment.

With a second player tagged in, the character-swapping puzzles from single-player turn into fantastic tests of teamwork that encourage the best kind of couch-top coordination.

The level designs ensure that both players always have an important part to play, and getting through a stage often requires lots of leapfrogging — Robin might hold open a path for Batman, for example, who could then throw a switch and build a bridge so that Robin can catch up, and so on.

The dialogue is consistently clever and lighthearted, with puns, gags and winking references packed into nearly every scene, and the minifig character models provide a constant source of adorable amusement.

It’s all incredibly charming, and that goes a long way towards keeping players excited for what’s coming up next.

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The building is disappointingly hands-off — mashing ‘A’ is all it takes to assemble a masterpiece — but it’s fun to watch and satisfyingly on-theme as part of the overall action.

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