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There's still plenty of spite to feel and plenty of frustration to incite violence. The game introduces new antigravity sections of track, where racers' karts seem to use stolen S. The game automatically frames each shot, focusing on racers at angles that depend on the action.You can change how Mario Kart 8 cuts each highlight video by setting the maximum total time, the specific racers to highlight, and the type of action to should focus on.And, of course, there are plenty of items you can use to slow down other racers.All the Mario Kart mainstay items like shells (including the much-maligned blue shell), boost mushrooms, lighting, and super stars are here, along with a few new ones.However, for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe a stage has been added – once you see pink sparks flying off the back of your vehicle, you can trigger a more potent speed boost – the trick is keeping the drift going for long enough.

The newest version, Mario Kart 8, is a Wii U title and, like so many first-party Wii U titles, is the first in its series to have HD graphics.

What you can't do is shoot your race yourself, with your own camera angles and cuts. Conclusion Mario Kart 8 is a fantastic example of Nintendo moving forward while mostly keeping the ideas that made its franchise beloved.

Its online features are expanded, and the video upload option is a nice touch that adds icing to the decades-old layer cake that is Mario Kart.

Meanwhile, the worst racers will be swimming in blue shells and lightning bolts to help even things up. The Mario Kart TV channel lets you record your races and upload videos of them to Nintendo's servers for viewing in the Mario Kart TV mode/app.

player who unleashes the blue horn against you, have no fear. Better yet, you can upload your races to You Tube to share them with everyone.

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Each one gives you a little speed boost (up to a maximum of ten) and increases your maximum speed, but a more pressing reason is because each coin collected counts towards a running total which unlocks various kart parts – including new bodies, wheels and gliders.

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