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With its surroundings, it is now one of the best examples of the triumphalist architecture of Counter-Reformation in Belgium.

The dome, adorned with 298 golden stars, symbolizes the cosmos.

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Archduke Albert of Austria (appointed by the King of Spain as the governor of the Low Countries), and his wife, the Archduchess Isabella (daughter of King Philip II of Spain) donated funds for the construction of a stone chapel in Scherpenheuvel and made a pilgrimage themselves.

They were chased away during the French occupation after the 1797 revolution and did not return until after the religious restoration at the beginning of the 19th century.

In 1927, the church was proclaimed a Roman Catholic "basilica minor".

Its origins date back to the pagan worship that still survived during the Middle-Ages around a holy oak on this hilltop.

The cross-shaped tree was thus "Christianized" with a statue of the Holy Mary.

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The fame of Scherpenheuvel increased and increasing numbers of people arrived, begging for protection against plague and famine that swept the Low Countries as a consequence of the "Eighty Years War" (Dutch Revolt). In January 1603 another miracle was reported: the statue wept tears of blood.

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