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This came as a bit of a surprise for us, the app is popular it seems!2) Airwoot: Airwoot is a New Delhi based social media listening and analytics startup that helps businesses to engage with their customers on social media and provide real-time customer support. dropouts certainly struck a chord with the audience.3) Rasilant: Founded by Shiladitya Mukhopadhyay, Rasilant technologies is a Global Automation Solutions and System Integration Services company that has undertaken more than 35 major projects till date.This story about how the fateful day of the Mumbai floods shaped the life of an entrepreneur was in the popular charts for a long time!4) Chatar Patar: Chatar Patar is an ambitious venture which plans to brand a product that India has been consuming since aeons, but never had a single brand name attached to it- Panipuri. 5) Handybook: Handybook is based on a really simple idea.Calling tech entrepreneurs from Delhi/NCR and Chennai!

Here is part of his response: “The idea is basically to try and level the playing ground a little bit so all of those people who have sort of been doing — for lack of a better word — over optimization or overly doing their SEO compared to the people who are just making great content and trying to make a fantastic site — we want to sort of make that playing field a little more level.

A couple months ago I wrote an article entitled 10 Crucial SEO Tips for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs, which gives ten easy to implement strategies specifically written for online store owners.

You should also check out Google's Webmaster Guidelines, a fairly comprehensive guide on how to help Google find, crawl, and index your site.

We come up with these lists of the most popular startups according to our analytics (like we did for 2012) and think of it as a good way to revisit some of the startups we've covered and relive all the beautiful stories.

Since we're through the first half of 2013 (have a look at the Q1 2013 and Q2 2013 funding reports), we thought of doing a compilation here:1) Hike: An instant messaging app which allows smartphone users communicate with other smartphone users with the app via IM and also communicate with non smartphone users via SMS.

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The following SEO practices are considered 'black-hat' optimization and will likely take the brunt of the new algorithms wrath: It's safe to assume most Shopify stores aren't practicing black-hat optimization, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take note of this new algorithm change which is said to affect 3.1% of English language queries to a degree that a regular user might notice.

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