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Located on the back side of the smartphone, the fingerprint sensor of the Philips i999 has dimensions of 11.6 x 11.6.It is assembled on a square LGA packaging and is protected by metal support.

Deposition of Philip Kreamer (February 13, 1799), in William Rawle Sr.

Although their focus on John Fries did not involve discussing this article's cases, Churchill mentioned Greenawalt's outburst without mention that he was prosecuted, ibid., 118, and Ridgway mentioned a “seditious combination” case without identifying it as Morris Llewellyn et al. John Mc Nelis O'Keefe, “From Legal Rights to Citizens’ Rights and Alien Penalties: Migrant Influence, Naturalization, and the Growth of National Power over Foreign Migrants in the Early American Republic” (Ph D diss., George Washington University, 2012), 51. Ogden offered an additional reason, which was to defeat his quest for the position of collector of customs, which was sought by Wolcott's sister's brother-in-law.

2 never reached the trial stage because defendants changed their pleas.” Goebel, , 130. 1798), Marcus, (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1998–), III:373.

Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1962–91), XVII:185; Thomas Jefferson, “Kentucky Resolutions” (November 10–13, 1798), in Elliot, Timothy Pickering to Richard Harison (July 7, 1798), Timothy Pickering Papers (Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, reel 37, fol.315, 315A); Timothy Pickering to Richard Harison (January 1, 1799), ibid., r.37, fol.381; Jacob Wagner to Edward Dunscomb (May 22, 1799), ibid., r.37, fol.423; and John Daly Burk to Thomas Jefferson (ante June 19, 1801), Boyd, This addresses when indictments or presentments were brought. Ogden to George Washington (May 13, 1799), ibid., IV:131 n. Even when released, Federalist soldiers attempted to force him back to town to be punished, evidently threatening a whipping. The Federalist wing in the late 1790s led by Alexander Hamilton, and supported by Pickering, Wolcott, and many others. Del.) for U-W (National Archives at Philadelphia, R. For example, Timothy Pickering to Zebulon Hollingsworth (August 12, 1799), Pickering Papers, r.11, fol.603; Timothy Pickering to Richard Harison (August 12, 1799), ibid., r.11, fol.599; Timothy Pickering to Thomas Nelson (August 14, 1799), ibid., r.11, fol.611. Governor James Jackson to Abraham Baldwin (February 5, 1799), ibid., tr.

Smith, “Crisis, Unity, and Partisanship: The Road to the Sedition Act” (Ph D diss., University of Virginia, 1998), 353, 346–63 (seven newspapers); and 545–46, 633 n.89. Original Minutes of the Circuit Court of the United States of America for the Middle Circuit, October Session 1790 to April 1799, at 289 (National Archives at Philadelphia, R. 112 (although §§ 22–23 criminalized obstruction of judicial process and rescues), or its various amendments; for example, An Act in Addition to the Act for the Punishment of Certain Crimes (June 5, 1794), 1 Stat. For example, Frederick Heany (Criminal Case Files, 1: I953); Anthony Stahler (ibid., 1: I957); Conrad Marks (ibid., 1: I962); Valentine Kuder (ibid., 1: I990); Henry Huber (ibid., 1: I1006); amd Henry Stahler (ibid., 1: I1025).

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