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They say that the amount of freedom a woman enjoys in the village depends on the individual household, reflective in the number of female students ITI receives each year.Geeta Rani, who teaches at the Institute told me that the number of women from Balali in her class has varied from year to year since she started teaching at the institute in 2011.He pointed out that Dangal was made with a mutual understanding between Mahavir and Aamir Khan, and hence, there is no question of claiming royalty for the same.When contacted, the veteran coach said wrestling needs rigorous training, discipline, hard work, infrastructure and diet, followed by correct guidance for every individual player.The traditional clay akhara has been covered with a mat, and a few exercise equipment.The space and the facilities offered at his centre is not sufficient to train talented and aspiring players.The Phogat sisters’ (extreme left and right) success in wrestling, considered hitherto a ‘man’s sport’, has made them inpirational figures for women in their village.

The women studying at the government-run ITI (Industrial Training Institute) College near the village, however, don’t subscribe to this view.

Many players from far flung Haryana villages, have been turned down, due to lack of facilities.

At present, the akhara is full to its capacity and hence, 8-10 players coming daily for admissions are turned down.

Lack of infrastructure has become a hurdle in producing more players of international standards,' said Rahul Phogat, nephew of Mahavir Phogat.

The veteran coach, known to improvise techniques at the last moments that actually helped Geeta and Babita bring glory at the Commonwealth and national games, is currently busy in training 35 teenage girls in his ancestral home in Bhiwani district.

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'We have written to the Haryana government to provide land and infrastructure for a wrestling academy, but haven't received any response.

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