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Bishop Morlino's actions have turned me away from the church, and it will do the same for many young Catholics out there.

This is not the way I want to be represented because this is not what I believe." Joseph Hasler, an attorney and parishioner in Reedsburg, a part of the Madison Diocese, said that the controversy has been typical for Morlino, who, similar to Trump, likes to play to a traditionalist base.

The petition accuses Morlino of "hate-filled fixation on the intimate lives of consensual and committed adults.

He tries to disguise this obsession under a veil of discrimination and deploys it at a time when loss leaves loved ones most vulnerable and in need of support." "We started this petition with hopes of ending the unnecessary suffering of the LGBTQI Catholic community at the hands of Bishop Morlino with his obsessive sexualizing and punishing of them," Royko Mauer wrote in an email to NCR. It must end." This flap is the latest controversial edict sent from Morlino for the diocese, which includes 270,000 Catholics spread over 11 southwest Wisconsin counties.

Catholic doctrine on the Eucharist – and many other things – was rejected by Martin Luther and led to large numbers of Catholics committing apostasy.

The Jews rejected what Jesus said about eating His flesh and blood, and they were some of the first people to whom He preached that teaching.

And so the question is, you know, what do we do with that?

He blasted nearly everyone who opposes same-sex “marriage” as “homophobic” and repeated his mantra that his critics are just secretly gay."Morlino is doubling down and going in the opposite direction," Hasler said.Jim Green of Madison, a member of the Catholic LGBT group Dignity USA and a signer of the petition, said that the latest directive on funerals for Madison's Catholic LGBT community has brought out a unified opposition to Morlino that had been dormant for years.He forced the resignation of a lay pastoral worker after she declined to disavow her graduate school thesis, which Morlino said was opposed to the church's view of an all-male priesthood.He suggested that the popular hymn "All Are Welcome" by Marty Haugen, a staple in many U. Catholic churches, is too lax on the church's stance toward public sinners.

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