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But when only a few hundred people show up to see your set, that doesn’t really work too well.One of the festival’s big positives were the live paintings on Saturday by three talented artists from the greater Los Angeles area.Air Style officials, in fact, estimated that approximately 40,000 folks attended the event, but we’re a little skeptical of that number after a sparse turnout Sunday thanks to some unforgiving weather.While many attendees, including quite a few media members, only showed up for Saturday’s festivities, we made our way back to Pasadena to catch more live music and brave Sunday’s torrential downpour.The lines at all the concession stands and bathrooms were absolutely horrendous.If you were lucky enough to notice the makeshift beer stands next to each stage, then that saved you easily an hour for each beer purchase.

Even with the band’s instruments getting soaked, forcing them to lay down towels over them when they weren’t being used, you could tell vocalist Madeline Follin and guitarist/keyboardist Brian Oblivion were having a good ol’ time — and it rubbed off on everyone else.

White missed out on the Olympics last year, so he is currently on his fourth try to make it onto the U. Olympic team.“After losing the last Olympics, I found a lot of clarity in myself and how involved my world is and how big it is compared to these little things I was focusing on, just winning,” White says near the beginning of the doc.

ASPEN — Shaun White hasn’t been to Aspen for the X Games in two years, and it wasn’t an easy trip this week to get back to Colorado. “I don’t want to harp too hard on it, but I was just a little frustrated,” White said Wednesday of last year’s tiff. His reflection in the past year or so has led to a new business team, a new coach and a renewed outlook.

Another obvious high point of the weekend was the gigantic, 16-story big air jump in the middle of the Rose Bowl fairgrounds.

About 30 truly gifted athletes launched themselves into the dark grey sky on Saturday and the beginning part of Sunday, and it was quite fun to watch in between the musical acts.

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