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As a trailblazer of casual sex and being skint, I am allegedly the prime example of the demographic that is turning to the Tinder i Phone app.

If you believe the hype, a growing number of people like me are getting repetitive strain injury from swiping 'yes' to intimate invitations from relative strangers.

Miss Bradbury said: ‘From carrying reusable water bottles to cutting our usage of plastic bags, there are so many changes we can make.

We can’t afford to delay.’Miss Strachan said: ‘Plastic is not food for whales or any other marine species.’The WDC has set up the #Not Whale Food campaign to raise awareness.

And available research estimates that there are more than 150 million tonnes of plastics in the ocean today.They found that 557 marine species also including sea lions and birds have suffered as a result of eating or becoming tangled in plastic waste.The research by Whale and Dolphin Conservation points to rising numbers of whales and dolphins dying as a result.” What more modern way to make that most basic binary decision of whether you want to shag someone than a game of real-world "Hot or Not"?Social media has made us expert first-daters, well-versed in smalltalk and over-sharing with strangers.

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Robert Dyer from the Kent and Essex Association of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) said the results were shocking.'I'm interested in seeing if, like the mussels, they are picking up any plastic contamination, because they are harvested and processed directly for human consumption,' he said.

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