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The inside of the funnel is always wet with residual oil kept in by the caps.

They claim that the EU2000i is super quiet, but it that is relative to other generators.

Put fuel stabilizer in the gas to keep it from oxidizing.

Completely read the user manual before unboxing the machine.

We like that Honda builds reliable machines that hold up well over time.

An epic brand reputation of quality endurance and legacy that honors the founder of Honda's memory.

They could have platinum coated the spark arrester to achieve some catalytic burnoff for example to clean up the emissions.

Making the spark arrester out of cerium oxide spung embedded with a catalytic mixture would help clean up the emissions and make the exhaust smell better.

After extensive online research, Meg & I decided to get the EU2000i as a home backup generator to compliment our SLA based energy storage Sine Wave Inverter power backup systems.This is not a soft noise that you could speak over at low volume voice conversations if you are close to it.Not the cleanest burning machine and the engine spins at high speeds to achieve the rated output.Turning on Eco mode slows the engine, reducing noise and power output.The exhaust smell on cold startup initially was kind of toasty, probably the cylinder priming oil burning off.

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I know that is a lot to ask for on such a small machine.

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