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You can find it in the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc on your PC.It maps a hostname to an IP address by using two columns, the target and the source address. Example: The first example would send your requests to the IP address 104.2, regardless of what result your Domain Name Service would return. It is a common attack vector used to manipulate your internet communication.Spybot – Search & Destroy uses this technique as part of it’s proactive protection to lock out bad domains.So we strongly recommend to use Spybot’s immunization, regular system scans and of course regular updates of the Spybot signatures.

That’s because all browsers in Windows check the contents of the HOSTS file first when performing DNS resolution.

If you are doing a search by hostname, just replace it in the script (eg: replace .105 with whatever your hostname is) This particular script is adding a new host to the list, if it doesn't exist.

but due to no permissions its not updating, can some one help me to add admin credentials in this script to run as admin within this vbscript only I am administrator and is still says I have no permision but I am not the only one that is a admin can it be that I tried this my self the only problem was that it has no extension like I need that to work I wanted to block fb on a friends PC and after a minete unblock it :[email protected] Reddy I'm not sure what do you mean by modifying the IP instead of a hostname.

Spybot is maintained by a team of people very dedicated to privacy issues, many of which are working full-time on analysing masses of new threats each week, and the response time from our support team is better than that of many a commercial vendor.

We would appreciate it if you would honour our efforts with a moderate donation.

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You may need to perform the following to save the file.

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