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To promote physical development in toddlers I encourage the use of their feet to move riding toys.

I even use meal time for strengthening fine motor skills, as I encourage toddlers to fold napkins at lunch time, praising them for their efforts.

isit some of the above places and mixing with the local crowd.

As a foreign tourist travelling alone, you will often be made a fuss of; you might be joined at or invited to share a table.

It should not be confused with a dot com website using the same name, and run by Lao-American residents (Hmong refugees, dissidents? Political decisions, Buddhist calendar events, management whim and unknown factors affect the time a club or restaurant will close on any particular evening.

When the white lights come up, then gradually get switched off, that's the time to pay the bill, finish your drinks and leave. It's 'Lao style' to accept these things with a smile and without question.

I provide a variety of interesting toys that the infants may rattle, squeeze, or bang.

This will help children to learn to keep their balance and stand alone.

This improves infants cognitive skills by teaching them object permanence, or that an object still exist even when not in sight.

With older infants I enjoy playing a game called find it.

For mobile infants I encourage language by having family pictures posted on a family board. I provide a diverse atmosphere utilizing songs from different cultural backgrounds.

To support creativity I provide many experiences for children to express themselves through play, art, music and rhythm.

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