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The son of a doctor, Kunimi is a total prick who's always picking on Takitani.Anxious not to be caught, Kunimi is completely oblivios to Takitani's disguise and becomes smitten with his cute and cool attitude.Ryuu left his small town for a better life in Tokyo, but after four years he feels trapped in a job he doesn't like and a tiny apartment. However, he begs Shigeharu not to fire him, and Shigeharu decides to hire Hirose as a servant, instead of firing him.When Tatsushima, an old friend from his home town, shows up out of the blue to take him home will Ryuu be willing to give up his boring life in the city? They begin to live under the same roof, and Hirose learns that under the cold outer shell, Shigeharu had a soft side... " shouts Kishida suddenly to Hino, who just broke up with his boyfriend and who tries to pick up KIshida up at a gay bar.

(Source: Juné Manga)Set in Japan during the '20s, Mitsuyaku is the story of two childhood friends from very different walks of life who grow up to become lovers. He wanted to be able to be there for his nephew should he need to ever talk about anything... Samugari na Koigokoro (A Love That Feels the Cold) 8. Kishida was just there because he was concerned about his nephew in high school who he thought might be seeing another boy.Though Shouin feels the same, he is reluctant to return Horyu’s affections.Unknown to Horyu, Shouin already had his heart broken and is – as the saying goes – once bitten, twice shy.

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Yuuichi is an ambitious type from humble beginnings, working his way towards success.

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