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The others try to play that off like, “Oh no, his last time was really the worst and it will never happen again,” but considering how often Butch has fucked up and hurt Tyler, there’s no shame in him having his doubts.Of course, there’s only so long that you can talk about Butch before it gets boring, so Tyler’s Mom starts stirring some shit about pregnancy (the theme of this episode) and demands to know whether Catelynn is pregnant (no) and, if not, when she will be.

But the move has nothing to do with Simon, Farrah insists, so please stop asking.It’s just that she has mean neighbors and a whole bunch of allergies. I also have allergies, but I can’t really afford to do much about that except take Benadryl and pass out in the middle of the afternoon (obviously I need to get to Farrah’s level). The only person left to break the news to is Michael (Farrah’s dad), and she does this in the best way possible, opening with “I have allergies” and immediately launching into how those allergies have made it impossible for her to continue living in Austin, even though that’s where all of her businesses are.As is tradition, Farrah asks Sophia about her thoughts on moving over a mani-pedi, and Sophia explains that she’s fine with moving to San Diego as long as everything stays the same and she’s blessed with a little sister (already 5 years old) with whom she can play and ride the mini-horse. Michael questions how Farrah plans to expand Coba de Boba’s villainous reign if she’s not around to feed him virgin sacrifices, but Farrah says that all she needs to do is hire a “dynamic” executive assistant who will watch over all her stores and do what she says.This week, Nova celebrated her second birthday, and Catelynn and Tyler threw her a huge party which I would have totally envied had I also been a toddler who was invited to this thing. She’s just getting back on her feet (she’s doing so much better, right?Before the party, though, Tyler informed Catelynn that he’s ready to have another baby — a boy this time — and wanted her to get right on board. ); it makes sense that she’d be worried that another pregnancy could mean more postpartum depression.

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