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Trina is only one year older than Tori, and is in the senior class at Hollywood Arts. In Pilot, Trina is very upset that her partner for the annual showcase at Hollywood Arts High School is André Harris, who is a tenth grader.

Trina becomes worried, as there are going to be important talent scouts and musical industry workers at the show.

She also explains that you can fake passion through acting, which she demonstrates by kissing him.He is a man, yes, but also a minister, and should be held to a higher standard," wrote D'Oyley."This camp would say that Bryant's repeated lack of sexual self-control distracts from his ministry.There's the camp who finds the allegations hardly scandalous.Unlike the time Bryant admitted to cheating on his then-wife, Giselle Bryant of Bravo TV's "Real Housewives of Potomac", he is not currently married.

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