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If anything, I am a better human being for what I have been through.

Now my daughter is starting preschool and I am afraid she will start to question our family.

My friends joke around with me about the fact that they are proud I am in school and not stripping.

Apparently, there is an assumption that typically single moms strip to support their children.

The Office of Research and Data Integrity is responsible for informing the Department's leadership, as well as the public, on the effectiveness of all juvenile justice activities funded by the State of Florida.

Research analysts are responsible for answering day-to-day operation, data or research-related questions posed by the Department's leadership team as well as requests received from other critical stakeholders, such as the Governor's Office and Legislature.

I cannot stress enough that we cannot let these statements affect our self esteem and self efficacy.I cannot help but find that question extremely rude.Especially when it comes from another parent, who understands the love one feels for their offspring. I don’t want to imagine my life without my daughter for one second.I’ve planned a life free from violence both for me and my child. I have noticed when I take my daughter to different classes I very quickly get dismissed by other moms as soon as they find out I am a single mom.They treat me like I have a disease, I might steal their husband or my child must be bad company for their child.

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